About Us

A “Master Mind” may be developed by a friendly alliance, in a spirit of harmony of purpose, between two or more minds.

This is a Mastermind Alliance of people that want to study and share the Law of Success and other teachings by Napoleon Hill.

We are a group that meets daily for this simple purpose.

You are welcome to listen, share, or join in on the call.

You can join listen LIVE or later at your convienience.

You are encouraged to attend daily, but welcome to come and go when it fits your life best.

As an added positive benefit from the daily calls, we are building out a 17 week online course as we go.

The first call started July 7, 2019 and within 17 weeks ending November 2nd 2019, we will have the initial course built.

We have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn account to share the knowledge.

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