What does Anthony want out of this group?

So my friends. Let us weigh in on what this group is. 

I suggest that we all use our imagination with a happy heart and consider this one thing.

If money wasn’t an object. If the distance between us wasn’t an object. If we could unite our efforts and utilize this group to focus on any thing we desire, what would we use this group for?

Would we build a rocket-ship to fly to another planet?

Would we conspire together to dig for Gold in Africa?

Would we build a deep underground bunker in preparation for a zombie apocalypse? 

What is our definite chief aim, as a group? 

Or do we want to use this group as a forum to discuss our individual aims? Help each other?

Do we want to use this group to share ideas about using The Universal Laws of the universe?

What do we want out of this?

Henry Ford said, I want to build cars. He allied himself with Harvey Firestone who could make the tires for those cars. He also allied himself with Thomas Edison, why? I’m not sure. But they were able to complement each other for their own individual definite chief aims. 

How can we complement each other?

Please enthusiastically use your imagination and propose the grandest use of our collective force so that we may accomplish whatever we set our minds out to do. 

With gratitude for this alliance, me. MC

To answer this question, I will let Napoleon Hill speak to you thru my story.

I’ll begin with “Thoughts are Things” the first chapter of the book “Think and Grow Rich”. 

I recall back to 17 years old, just before my 18th birthday.

I went down to Asheville North Carolina and saw what a transformation the city had undergone.

My dad’s cousin had invited me to stay with him for a few weeks to learn about his recycling business and potentially go into business to create a Linux Training/Certification program.

I remember looking at the city and imagining rebuilding Jackson Michigan(the city I lived in) into a more vibrant and engaging community that could build the future.

I am now 31 years old and that seed that was planted in my mind has grown into a burning desire… which is the next chapter “Desire”.

I started working construction for my dad at 15 years old. 

I began looking at space differently and it really shaped how I looked at the world after that.

Once you build a house from foundation to roof at 15 years old, you really feel empowered to be able to do almost anything. Especially when we took a vacant 5 acre lot with a bunch of trees and turned it into a road and a subdivision while I was 16/17 years old, it was powerful stuff.

At 16 years old, I also started working part-time for free in order to learn from a local computer store because I wanted to start my own computer company.

Unfortunately heartbreak struck at 15 years of age when my grandfather on my mother’s side passed away and then my grandmother at 17 years old. 

I failed to finalize a senior project at school in time(shortly after my grandmother’s death) and because of one project I would have had to spend an extra year in school, so I dropped out. I thought I was super smart and would be a success in no time. I was tired of taking the required classes and wanted to pursue my passions full-time.

At 18 years old, I went to work to learn and grow in more ways.

I worked in a call center to become better on the phone. 

I worked in a luxury car dealership service center to learn luxury service.

I worked for Circuit City as a salesmen and then took over the service department of that store, I was a 19 year old high school drop out in charge of a guy with a Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree.

I worked different jobs to learn different skill sets.

I got another job at Best Buy to learn as a Geek Squad agent to see what made them so special.

I quit Best Buy when offered an investment to start my own store at 20 years old.

I quickly learned that I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.

I was great at the tech stuff, but not so great at judging character.

My business partner slowly faded away as we launched the store. On opening day he showed up 6 hours late and drunk, he never came back after that.

In that store, I was alone day and night other than when I got the occasional customer. 

The business failed, but I learned to profit from the failure thru learning. (“Profit by Failure” is a Lesson in the Law of Success)

At 21 years old, I moved to Las Vegas. I was going to start fresh and take on the world!

I moved to Las Vegas because it was an exciting place and I already was going there for a “Pre-Paid Legal” MLM event. 

At that event I was told to buy “Think and Grow Rich”, I literally walked down Las Vegas Blvd to a book store and bought the book. I still have that same book by my side today as I write this.

Within a month, I ended up moving back to Michigan.

My ex-girlfriend had gotten pregnant, the biological father had too many kids and wanted her to get an abortion, so I moved back to take care of her and the child. 

This is where I learned the lesson that “A Man’s Wife Can Either Make or Break Him”. (Chapter “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation” in Think and Grow Rich)

This woman broke me in every sense of the word. 

I fought for my own life, in order to stay in my son’s life. I became my son’s protector during her “wild years”. Instead of her taking him with her, he would stay with me while she would party and hang out in dangerous situations. 

The whole thing took a toll on my mental health because she would take him in and out of my life when it worked best for her. 

On the flip side of that, I am now married to a woman that has proven that a wife really can make a man. Thru partnering with my wife we are both able to achieve more together, especially during tough times.

I am now 31 years old. 

I joined this Master Mind because I met Matthew Castle when I was 21 years old, about a month after I got back from Las Vegas. 

Had I not made the “Decision” to be a father to a son that was not my biological child, then I would not be here today.

That decision had some of the best and worst consequences, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

In 2014, Matt contacted me after seeing some Facebook posts. 

We got together and I initially created the “4NorthernDirect” Facebook page for Matt that is now “The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons” page.

Matt and I ended up going separate ways on different paths…

We re-aligned briefly in 2016…

Then in October of 2018, I had just experienced the wildest summer of my life and Matt reached out again to help him launch a business.

We started working together and he invited me to this call….

So what do I want to use this Master Mind Alliance for?

I want it to a be a place that shows “Persistence” thru tough times will always lead to positive things.

I want it to be a place that helps people define their “Definite Chief Aim”.

I want it to be a place that helps people with “Specialized Knowledge” to come together to help each other out while also being compensated properly.

I want it to be a place that unleashes my own imagination so I can inspire others to open theirs.

I want it to be a place to give first and in giving we receive the most. 

I want it to be a place that helps people break thru the “Six Ghosts of Fear”; Fear of Poverty, Fear of Criticism, Fear of Ill Health, Fear of Loss of Love, Fear of Old Age, and Fear of Death.

My personal Definite Chief Aim is “To produce 1 Billion homes by 2049 to empower people to live, work, play, love, learn, and pay-it-forward thru Faith, Happiness, and Gratitude.” 

There are currently 2.5-4.5 Billion people globally without proper toilets and sanitation.

There are currently 7.7 Billion people on the planet, that number will be 9.7 Billion by 2049.(30 years from now)

My true aim is to inspire others to pick up the slack so that everyone on the planet can have a safe home and healthy food. 

In order to accomplish this aim, I must build a marketing engine, that is why I am building a world-class marketing agency.

I am starting with a $5 per month offer and going up from there to $1,000 per year and then up to $25,000+ per month for full-service marketing…

I am using this marketing agency to attract the talent that will design, market, and build the Villages & Cities of the Future. 

I need talent to come together, innovators and marketers so that we can shift people’s mindsets toward a more empowering future together.

I believe this call/group can be an entry into that program.

My aim is to help others to do what they are passionate about.

So many sentences have begun with I… so where do we come in?

We can build this together, I need you.

We all need each other.

A single person couldn’t build a pencil by themself because it takes graphite, wood, metal, and then the rubber for the eraser. Sure a single person could assemble it, but they would need others to acquire those materials or process them. 

Humanity must work together. 

So how do we “work” together?

Commissions on all marketing services.

If we are going to build something, let’s build legacy.

This call should be free and always be free.

Access to recordings should be as well.

But if the members of this group need a website, that is $1,000 per year and the referring member earns 20% per year.

If a member needs social media advertising, that starts at $2,500+ per month and the referring member gets a 10% commission every month.

So, If I had your thousand dollars, I would…

Build the Villages & Cities of the Future AND that starts with building YOUR business!

My hobby and passion is business, it is solving problems and serving others.

I am here to serve you, to solve your problems.

In exchange for me helping you, I simply want you to inspire others to “Think and Grow Rich” by thinking and growing rich yourself.

That will inspire and attract the right people into this group.

I spent a lot of years searching for the right answers, they were always in front of me, the missing link was a Master Mind Alliance.

Thank you,


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